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The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is worth seeing for its big parks, historical buildings and residences along the river. Built where the rivers Danube and Sava meet, Belgrade is on the route from Europe to Turkey.

Sights worth visiting in Belgrade include the fortress, National Museum, Nikola Pasic Square, Cathedral of Saint Sava, Nikola Tesla Museum, Tasmajdan Park, Usce, Zemun, and the Royal Palace. There is rain all-year round, particularly in the spring, fall and winter. Trams and buses are used for inner-city transportation. Compared to other European cities, the prices in Belgrade are notably cheaper. Eating out and nightlife are reasonably priced.

The population of Belgrade is a little over 1 million. The Belgrade Airport is 20 km away from the city center. Buses and taxis provide transportation from the airport to the city center. As a side note, buses and trams in the city center are free.

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