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Las Vegas resembles a modern oasis in the desert, a city full of enormous hotels and entertainment centers that are open 24 hours a day. There are different hotels all along 6.5 km-long center avenue of the city. World famous as a gambling and entertainment destination, Las Vegas has been nicknamed “Sin City”.
Walking on the main boulevard is a must in Las Vegas. If you have the money you can dine in restauraunts and stay in hotels that are comparable to those of Venice, Paris, New York and other significant cities of the world. There are also shows by major singers, musicians, and dancers in nearly all of the hotels. While tickets cost money, entrance to the casinos of the hotels themselves is free. There are also chapels in which you can get married in 10 minutes for 50 dollars in Las Vegas. Special tours are arranged for Red Rock Canyon outside the city.

The nights of Vegas are more fun for many people. The life never stops in the city, where you can experience light shows, concerts by famous singers, magic shows and many other diversions. Vegas was primarily established for Americans who worked in the contruction of the nearby dam and earned a lot of money. Its popularity increased when the casinos were founded. Afterwards big hotels and casinos were opened one after another in Vegas. 


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