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The city where eau de cologne was invented, Cologne is the largest city of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Cologne is also one of the primary hubs for transportation, culture, arts, trade, and entertainment. There are direct trips to many cities around the globe from this city, which is located at the crossroads of severak rail and air networks. The city is established on the banks of the famous Rhine River, where 8 bridges connect the two banks.

The first monument to embrace you in Cologne is the well-known Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). The cathedral, which was completed in exactly 632 years, is visible from everywhere in the city. The building has been added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The streets opening to the Dom are home to museums and galleries that offer a culturally enriching experience to the visit. If you happen to visit the city in the run-up to Christmas, you have to drop by the Christmas Market held in the old square.

Although the climate here is milder than in most other German cities thanks to the Rhine, it rains almost all year round, so don’t forget your raincoat. Der Keller, Dom, and Scala are among the city’s important theatres. There are a number of cultural activities you can partake in  when visiting. The underwater aquarium is particularly worth seeing for animal enthusiasts. In addition, there are many historical churches in the city, as well as a great variety of restaurants that serve examples of German cuisine.

Areas for accommodation include Altstadt, Heumarkt, and Schildergasse. Transportation in the city is quite convenient. The airport is close to the city and accessible by train in 15 minutes. You can also take a train to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or other cities in Germany. Brussels or other cities in Belgium are not far away either.

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